McQueen Residence

Easter Seals McQueen Residence is a community-based group living experience for adults with physical disabilities. Built in Edmonton on McQueen Road in 1975, Easter Seals McQueen Residence was the first residence of its kind and quickly became the model for independent living for young adults living with disabilities in Canada. 

It is currently home to nine adults with disabilities who are able to live independently and participate actively in their community. This fully-staffed residence provides access to a licensed practical nurse, a cook, and health care attendants 24-hours a day. Each resident has a private room and shares a common kitchen, dining and living area.

Residents are encouraged to learn life skills necessary for independent living in a community setting. They share in the daily management of the house by serving on various committees. This invaluable experience helps them gain confidence and prepare them for a potentially more independent lifestyle in the future.

For more information about Easter Seals McQueen Residence, please contact Bhoex%21Lnhr%60o Phone: 780-455-1050.

If you would like to apply to Easter Seals McQueen Residence, please contact Alberta Health Services, Supportive Living at 780-496-1300.

Plans are being developed for a newly renovated kitchen for Easter Seals McQueen Residence. We are looking to make the kitchen safer and more functional. 

Easter Seals Alberta relies on donations for all special projects for Easter Seals McQueen Residence.   We will be submitting proposals and grant applications to past donors and prospective donors. 

If you would like more information or would like to make a donation, please contact Ldf%60o at 403-235-5662, ext. 217. 

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Did You Know Part 1

In 1951 Canadian Mothers began marches such as one led by Canada’s first female Cabinet Minister, Ellen Fairclough, MP for Hamilton West. As a result of their efforts, the research of Dr. Jonas Salk was well funded, creating the historic made-in-Canada cure for polio. Today, Easter Seals Alberta funds vital programs and services for adults with disabilities and special needs.