Program Staff

Easter Seals Camp Horizon Program Staff

Easter Seals Camp Horizon staff members are carefully chosen for their skills, energy, knowledge, and enthusiasm for working with children and adults with special needs in the great outdoors. In addition to year-round senior program staff, we have 45 summer staff members working directly with campers on a daily basis. Our staff members are at least 18 years of age, many either currently attending or are graduates of university and college.

All program staff are required to hold current Standard First Aid, CPR-C and undergo a criminal reference check prior to employment. Staff members who are full-time Alberta residents are also required to complete an Intervention Record Check (formerly Child Welfare Record Check).

When the staff team arrives at camp, they undergo 10 days of intensive preparation that includes training on delivering programs, behaviour management, working with different abilities and special needs, emergency procedures, personal care, risk management, and much more.

In addition to the above training, instructors in program areas have skill specific qualifications.

Ropes facilitators have Level I Facilitator certification, and we always have a Level II Facilitator on site.

Lifeguards have National Lifeguard Society certification.

Raft guides have completed raft school training, which includes wilderness first aid, swift water rescue technician, and river navigation certifications.

Leadership Coordinator have advanced wilderness first aid certification in addition to extensive experience leading backcountry trips.

We know the people working with your camper are the most important part of ensuring they have a fun and healthy camp experience. If you have any questions about who will be working at camp, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Direct Care Staff:

Counsellor Team Coordinators are responsible for managing the cabins of campers, staff, and volunteers. More specifically, this role involves modelling positive behaviour and ensuring all campers have a safe, fun, and memorable experience. Back pocket information – they all rode here on camels. 

Counselling Staff make up the bulk of our summer staff and have the most hands-on and interactive role with our campers. As a counsellor, they are responsible for the well-being and supervision of all campers on their team. They are also there to ensure that our campers have a safe, fun, and memorable experience through bonding with campers, building relationships, experiencing heart-filled moments, and seeing first-hand the lasting effects that camp has on our campers. Cool fact – all our counselling staff graduated from Klingon Academy.

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Did You Know Part 1

In 1951 Canadian Mothers began marches such as one led by Canada’s first female Cabinet Minister, Ellen Fairclough, MP for Hamilton West. As a result of their efforts, the research of Dr. Jonas Salk was well funded, creating the historic made-in-Canada cure for polio. Today, Easter Seals Alberta funds vital programs and services for adults with disabilities and special needs.