Supporting Students through Accessible Technology and Mentorship Program

Easter Seals is pleased to partner with Scotia Bank, through its ScotiaRISE commitment, to offer financial grants and mentorship opportunities to students in Alberta who are currently in or who will be entering high school in Fall 2022.

The grant and mentorship opportunity is intended for any student with a disability who is currently enrolled in or entering high school in Fall 2022. The scholarship’s objective is to reduce financial barriers for the student as they complete high school and assist them in preparing for a successful transition into post-secondary education or entry into the workforce.

As part of this unique opportunity, recipients can participate in a year-long mentorship program from September 2022 to June 2023. The recipients will be paired with a volunteer mentor who can provide encouragement, guidance, and support for their future studies or work experience.

Value of the Grant

The grants are valued at $1000 per student. Students can apply the grant funding toward purchasing laptops, learning aids or other specialized/adaptive learning equipment, learning software, or tutoring and other costs required for school.

Candidates will be considered based on the following criteria:

  • A resident of Alberta,
  • Have a disability,
  • Currently attending or will be attending high school in Fall 2022,
  • Demonstrated commitment to the academic process,
  • Articulated plan for the future,
  • Commitment to participate in mentorship to the best of their ability.

Application Process:

Please provide the following documentation with the application form (found below):

  • A typed, one-page letter outlining why you should be selected for the award. You may include information on motivation, academic commitment, initiative, extra-curricular activities, challenges faced (and overcome), financial need, and/or any other relevant information that would strengthen your application. Please include a picture that can be used for media purposes if required.
  • Please indicate in your letter if you are a current or previously registered participant/client in a program offered by Easter Seals Alberta. If you are not a current or previously registered participant/client of Easter Seals Alberta, please include a document/letter from a medical physician, therapist or social worker outlining your disability.
  • Documentation confirming that you are currently enrolled in high school.

To apply, please fill out the Application form.

The application form and all supporting documentation to :

Scholarship Selection Committee
c/o Easter Seals Alberta

Please review the application form to ensure all information and supporting letters/documentation are provided. Also, keep a copy of the completed form for your files.

Applications will be reviewed on a first-come-first-serve basis until all available funding is spent.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at

We look forward to seeing your applications!