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Do you travel with a support worker? The Disability Travel Card makes it easier for people with disabilities to travel. 

The Disability Travel Card is for individuals with a permanent disability who require the assistance of a support person when travelling with VIA Rail Canada, Greyhound Canada, Coach Canada, and Motor Coach Canada. Use the Disability Travel Card when purchasing a ticket for travel with one of our participating partners, and one support person can accompany them at a reduced fare. The Disability Travel Card holder pays the regular ticket prices.

If you have questions about your Disability Travel Card, please phone 403-235-5662 ext 1 or email

Access2 Card

The award-winning Access2 Program is a collaborative partnership between Easter Seals and over 500 movie theatres, cultural attractions, entertainment venues, and recreation facilities across Canada.

With an Access2 Card, people with a permanent disability can receive either free or significantly discounted admission for their support person at member movie theatres, cultural attractions and recreation facilities across Canada.

Designed for people of all ages who have a permanent disability and require the assistance of a support person, the goal of the Access 2 Program is to improve social inclusion and provide access to entertainment, cultural and recreation opportunities and experiences without any added financial burden.

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The Access2 Card costs $20 for three years or $30 for five years and is valid at all participating venues during that time.

For more information and to apply, visit:

Disability Travel Card Application

More Information About The Program