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Outdoor Education Opportunities

Easter Seals Camp Horizon is continually accepting applications for our fall and spring Outdoor Education facilitator positions! If you are interested in working with Easter Seals Camp Horizon, please complete our online application.

Outdoor Education Facilitator

Fall 2017 Dates: August 28 - October 31

Summer 2018 Job Opportunities

Easter Seals Camp Horizon will begin accepting applications for summer positions beginning in November. If you are interested in working with Easter Seals Camp Horizon for summer 2018, please go over our available positions below and complete our online application when it becomes available. 

Available Positions for Summer 2018:

Counsellor Job Posting

Rafting Support Job Posting

Water Programmer Job Posting

Earth Programmer Job Posting

Air Assistant Job Posting

Leadership Assistant Job Posting

Leadership Counsellor Job Posting

Junior Nurse Job Posting

If you have any questions feel free to contact our Coordinator, Resources.

By email: sdrntsbdbnnseho%60unsAd%60rudsrd%60mr/%60c/b%60

By phone: 403-949-3818 ext 28

Thank you for your interest in Easter Seals Camp Horizon. We employ approximately 20 staff year round. During the summer months an additional 35-45 staff are hired to assist in our camp programs.

We're proud to offer an equal opportunity workplace. On-site accommodations are available for most positions.

If you're interested in volunteering contact us at: wnmtouddsAd%60rudsrd%60mr/%60c/b%60

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