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Outdoor Education Opportunities

Easter Seals Camp Horizon is continually accepting applications for our fall and spring Outdoor Education facilitator positions! If you are interested in working with Easter Seals Camp Horizon, please complete our online application.

Outdoor Education Facilitator

Spring Dates: April 3 - June 3, 2018

Summer 2018 Opportunities

Easter Seals Camp Horizon will begin accepting applications for summer positions on December 25.

If you are interested in working with Easter Seals Camp Horizon for summer 2018, please go over our available positions below and complete our online application when it becomes available. 

Employment dates vary by position.

Please refer to our Summer Staff Tree to see how our staff teams are structured for this coming summer.

Direct Care Positions

Camp Counsellor

Counsellor Team Coordinator

Volunteer Coordinator

Elements Program Team Positions

Air Programmer

Air Assistant

Earth Programmer

Earth Assistant

Lead Rafter

Raft Guide

Spark Programmer (Arts & Crafts)

Water Programmer

Program Coordinator

Digital Content Team Positions

Media Producer

Leadership Team Positions

Leadership Coordinator

Leadership Assistant

Camp Counsellor

Health Team Positions

Camp Nurse

Junior Nurse

If you have any questions please contact our Manager, Resources.

By email: sdrntsbdl%60o%60fdsAd%60rudsrd%60mr/%60c/b%60

By phone: 403-949-3818 ext 28

Thank you for your interest in Easter Seals Camp Horizon. 

Easter Seals Camp Horizon is an equal opportunity workplace. We employ approximately 20 staff year round, with an additional 35-45 staff are hired to deliver our camp programs.

On-site accommodations are available for most positions.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact us at: wnmtouddsAd%60rudsrd%60mr/%60c/b%60

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Did You Know Part 1

In 1951 Canadian Mothers began marches such as one led by Canada’s first female Cabinet Minister, Ellen Fairclough, MP for Hamilton West. As a result of their efforts, the research of Dr. Jonas Salk was well funded, creating the historic made-in-Canada cure for polio. Today, Easter Seals Alberta funds vital programs and services for adults with disabilities and special needs.