High Ropes


Activities are scheduled in 90 minute blocks throughout the day. Please see sample schedules in our Teacher's Information Package for examples of how this looks for a typical booking. As our activities require briefing on safety, equipment use, goals and objectives, and effective teamwork - as well as debriefing to draw out lessons from the experience - activities blocks can not be shortened

We can not guarantee that students will be able to partake in all the activities that a group books. With larger groups running many activities at the same time, they must choose (or be assigned) one of these coinciding activities. Please work with our Sdfhrus%60s as you discuss your visit to build the best schedule for your needs and interests.

Activity Descriptions

Download the Activity Guide here.

*Please Note: Climbing wall, high ropes and giant swing are not offered November through February, as staying warm becomes a challenge that takes away from the overall experience.

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Did You Know Part 2

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