Frequently Asked Questions

How old are the majority of the counsellors?

We have over 40 summer staff. Most of the programming and counselling staff range from 18 to 30 years of age. The average age of a Horizon counsellor is about 21 and all staff are over the age of 18.

Are there lots of new staff members every year?

Yes. While the demographics change from year to year, approximately 50% of our staff are new to Easter Seals Camp Horizon each summer.

Do you require staff members to hold C.P.R. or First Aid Training?

All staff must have their Standard First Aid and CPR-C by the time camp begins. We offer a recertification each year before staff training for staff who need to re-certify before summer. 

Are there any required ages or certifications required of the program staff?

Generally, we prefer to have experienced instructors in all of our program areas. This can be demonstrated either by certifications, course completions, or by demonstrating previous experience relating to that program area. 

Do staff sleep in the same cabin as the campers?

Yes. Our new dorms Wolf and Eagle have staff rooms connected to each cabin of campers. Staff are available during the night to help with any camper needs. Staff are also required to sleep out with campers on their overnight camping trips. 

What kind of training do the staff undergo? 

All staff undergo an intense week of training in June before campers arrive. Staff are trained in all aspects of camp including programs, games, personal care, feeding, behaviour support, helping with homesickness and more. 

What is the check in procedure for dropping off my camper?

You should allow yourself up to half an hour to drop off your camper. When you arrive at camp our staff will greet you in the parking lot (usually in some very colourful costumes!) and help you move your camper into the appropriate dorm. Next you will proceed to our registrar in the main hall who will sign your camper in and take any payments or documents. This is followed by a meeting with our nursing team. This meeting is to go over any limitations, medication questions etc and will take about five minutes. You and your camper will then be introduced to their team of counsellors who will take over after you say goodbye with some fun games and activities!  

What should my camper bring?

We supply every camper with a packing list of which items they should bring with them to camp. This list can also be found HERE

Should I send food/snacks with my camper?

No, all meals and snacks are provided by our food services team. Sending food along usually means that it will be in the dorm which can attract wildlife and rodents. We also control all food at camp for food allergy purposes. 

How can I contact my child if there is an emergency?

If you need to contact your child while they are with us at camp you can call our office line at 403-949-3818. We will then be able to make any necessary arrangements or have you connect with your child. 

How does Lost and Found work at camp?

Camp is a very busy place and there is lots of people with lots of stuff! Our staff do their absolute best to ensure that your camper will bring home with them everything that they brought with them. Unfortunately sometimes items do get lost. If this does happen please contact our office through either email or phone and we will keep an eye out for your item. If it is found we will contact you and your item will be available for pick up at camp or our Calgary office. If your child attends camp with a partner group (United Ostomy Association, Alberta Firefighter's Burn Camp, etc) you will need to contact the group for any lost and found inquiries. 

To prevent losing things at camp: 

  • label EVERYTHING with your camper's name! (this includes personal equipment)
  • Do not send expensive or favourite items to camp with your camper
  • Make sure to fill out the packing list for your camper with as much detail as possible

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