Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

We are beyond excited to announce that Camp Horizon will be back for summer 2022! It has been a long two years and we cannot wait to welcome you all back to camp. To learn about the policies and procedures we have developed to ensure everyone is safe at camp during the ongoing pandemic, please read the FAQ section below.

Camp Horizon

When can I register for Camp?

Registration open March 2nd at 9:00am MST. A link will be provided on the morning of March 2nd.

I don’t see one of the camps you’ve offered in the past?

This year, due to COVID, we have reduced the number of programs we are able to offer. If you have any concerns or don’t know what the next best option would be, feel free to reach out.

What information is required for registration?

In order to register you will be required to create an account. If you already have one from previous years just use that to log in. During registration, we will ask you to fill out a medical form, COVID-19 waiver, upload proof of vaccination, and other general camp information.

What are the camp costs?

Please see the specific camp for cost.

Why are camps only running Monday to Friday?

Camps will be running 5 days (Monday to Friday) to ensure that staff have adequate time on the weekends to fully clean and sanitize our facility in between camper groups.

This year we will be operating the camp at 75% capacity. The reason for this is to help mitigate some of the risks of COVID-19. With a lower number of campers, we can help reduce the increased risk of transmission, better clean and sanitize our facility, and provide better care in the event of a positive case.

Will I (parent/guardian) be allowed onsite with my camper?

Unfortunately, not. Admission staff, the camp nurse, and their camp counsellor will help get them settled at camp.

I/my camper has already paid a deposit for a year where camp was cancelled, can I used that for 2022?

Yes, anyone who has an existing deposit with us will be contacted with the next steps.

What are the pick-up and drop off times for camp?


What should I/my camper pack?

Stay tuned for a packing list.

What is the ratio of campers to instructors?

For Easter Seals camp the ratio is 1 instructor per 3 campers. For Partner groups, the ratio is 1 instructor per 8 campers.

Can my child bring their own snacks?

No. Due to possible allergies, we ask campers not to bring their own snacks.

What happens if my camper gets homesick?

All of our staff are highly trained on how to deal with campers who are missing home.

Will there be medical staff onsite?

Yes, there will be a Registered Nurse accompanied by 2 Junior Nurses. Additionally, it is required that all of the staff onsite have a minimum of Standard First Aid & CPR-C.

How do I get a message to my camper?

The best way to get a message to your camper is to email the Camp Leader at (insert email) and they will be able to relay the message.

Will I/my camper be required to be vaccinated?

Yes, all staff and campers will be required to have 2 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Will I/my camper be required to wear a mask at camp?

Campers will not be required to wear a mask while participating in activities with their cohorts or while outside. Should a situation arise where cohorts have to interact or physical distancing cannot be maintained masks will be required.

What other COVID-19 policies and procedures will be in place?

Campers will be encouraged to wash their hands frequently. Hand sanitization stations will be strategically placed around the camp. Equipment will be clean and sanitized between groups. You can learn more about our updated COVID-19 policies and procedures HERE.

Accessibility Supports

Are you still accepting equipment applications?

Yes, our equipment applications re-open on February 1st, 2021 with a new application. Please ensure you are only submitting the most up-to-date applications.

Can I submit an old application?

No, we have created new application forms and will not be accepting applications with the old format.

What forms from your website do I need to submit with my application?

If you are applying for power mobility equipment or a hospital bed, you will submit the Client Equipment Funding Request Form, Occupational or Physiotherapist Assessment, and Medical Report Form.

For all other equipment requests, you will submit the Client Equipment Funding Request Form ONLY.

What types of equipment are eligible for funding?

Easter Seals Alberta will consider funding proposals for power mobility devices (i.e. scooters, power wheelchairs), lifts (i.e. vertical lifts, porch lifts, stairlifts), hospital beds, elevating seats, ceiling tracks, strollers, portable ramps, walking aids, and lift assist chairs.

This is not an exhaustive list and we will consider funding requests for equipment not listed above as well, including home adaptations.

If you are unsure if your equipment request is eligible for funding, please contact us at

Who is eligible for funding?

We will accept funding requests from applicants of ALL ages (children, youth, adults, and seniors) living in the province of Alberta who requires accessibility supports and has been unable to secure funding elsewhere.

How much funding are you able to provide for equipment?

Easter Seals Alberta is able to provide a maximum of $5,000.00 in funding towards a requested piece of equipment. If an applicant’s equipment funding request exceeds this amount, it is the applicant’s responsibility to secure funding for the remaining cost.

Funding requests that are $5,000.00 or less are not guaranteed to receive approval.

Who do I contact about an application already submitted?

You may contact us by email at You may also contact us by phone at (403) 235-5662 ext. 2 or 1-877-732-7837 ext. 2.

Are you still accepting donations of used equipment?

Yes! We are still accepting donations of used equipment that is in good condition and under 5 years old. You can find our “Equipment Donation Form” under the Accessibility Supports page on our website and submit it to

Can you arrange pick up of my equipment that I no longer need?

Yes, we are continuing to recycle equipment that is in good condition. You can find our “Pick Up Request Form” under the Accessibility Supports page on our website and submit it to

Can you help me pay to get my equipment fixed?

Unfortunately, we do not provide funding for maintenance requests, including new batteries.