Ade Adebolu

Ade is 11 years old and lives in Edmonton with her mom Jaiye and younger sister Dami. Ade was born with cerebral palsy which, in her case, means she has several challenges including speech and mobility.

These challenges don’t detract from her warm, caring and positive personality, which is why her grandfather’s nickname for her is, “Happy Camper”.

Ade enjoys everything music related. She loves to listen to music, sing, dance, and even watch people dance. You can often find her watching her favourite television shows Dancing with the Stars, X-Factor and American Idol. At school she sings with the choir and enjoys singing all the songs at every performance. Every day her morning starts with music and her day ends with her listening to the radio as she falls sleep.

Ade became part of Easter Seals when her family received a porch lift in their garage. The porch lift has made it possible for Ade to have her wheelchair for use in the house and getting out of the house to go to school, to her appointments, shopping, movies, all the places she needs to get to and to do all the activities she wants to attend.

“With Ade growing older and taller, it is great to have as much assistance when lifting her,” says Jaiye, Ade’s mom. “Being a single-parent it isn’t always easy to lift her into and out of the house and the porch lift makes it safer for us.”

When we asked Jaiye what she hopes for as a parent she replied, “My dream and hope for Ade is similar to what every parent wants for their children, for her to be happy and healthy, to be seen as the wonderful soul that she is, accepted despite her disabilities, and supported in all her achievements and most of all contentment in her life.”