Colby Ewasiuk

Colby was born in Bonnyville, Alberta where he lived until he was three-years-old and then moved to Parkland, Alberta where he currently resides with his mom (Kathy) and Dad (Tim).

He is 22-years-old. Colby is also an uncle to his brother (J.T.) and sister-in-law’s (Kayla) children Maddison, Parker and Aleeah.

Colby was diagnosed at six-months-old with mild quadraparetic cerebral palsy, caused by a lack of oxygen during surgery, which in his case means his disability effects his gross motor skills. He needs help with personal care, meal preparation, and help with transfers in and out of his power-wheelchair. These challenges don’t detract from his warm, enthusiastic and positive personality.

Colby has been a camper at Easter Seals Camp Horizon since 2012. He remembers his first time at camp where he was greeted by camp counsellors and volunteers that made him feel at ease and welcome. This past summer Colby participated in camp’s leadership training called L.E.A.P. (Learn, Experience, Achieve, Potential). At L.E.A.P. he learned how to set goals and work to the best of his abilities to reach those goals and to become more confident at things that are challenging to him. In addition, Colby trained in public speaking, leadership theory and outdoor activities and has hopes to one day become a camp counsellor.

In his spare time, Colby likes swimming, therapeutic riding, watching movies, bowling, biking, hanging out with friends, and volunteering. He also likes doing family activities and being on television.

Colby’s interest in travelling goes along with his fascination with geography. His favourite way to travel is by airplane and hopes to one day visit the CN Tower in Toronto, Niagara Falls and the Pacific Ocean. Colby would like to study geography because he likes learning about different places and loves to study maps.

Colby is looking forward to having public speaking opportunities as Youth Ambassador and to represent Easter Seals. One of his favourite sayings is, “Keep positive, smile and you will get a smile back!”