Elisheva Ausfresser

Elisheva, also known as Eli, is 10 years old and lives on an acreage in Spruce Grove with her younger twin siblings, Isaac and Daniela, and her parents – Michelle and Maritzabel.

Elisheva is in Grade 5 at Elmwood Elementary in Edmonton. Elisheva has Crohn’s disease, has many stomach problems and has to take a lot of medicine. This past year she attended Camp Got2Go at Easter Seals Camp Horizon. She does not let her medicalcondition stop her from fulfilling her life’s dreams and goals. She is extremely athletic, and attends hockey camp throughout the school year and plays the position of goalie.

At camp, she really enjoyed the swimming pool, the giant swing and climbing wall. She has met many new friends at Easter Seals Camp Horizon. By attending Camp, she realizes that she is not the only one in the world who has Crohn’s. She feels it’s not that bad, as it allowed her to go to Camp, and have fun with other kids who are just like her.

Elisheva’s other hobbies include enjoying music; she plays the piano. She also enjoys reading, especially fantasy books. Elisheva is also quite artistic and displays her creativity through sketching images.

Elisheva loves animals and has many different types of animals at home. In fact, her dream is that one day she would like to be an animal behaviorist, and even be an animal whisperer. She has two heroes: Jane Goodall, and Jamie Platz. Jane Goodall, an animal behaviorist is her role model, because she is kind to animals. Jamie Platz also suffered and fought an illness, but he only concentrated on helping others less fortunate than himself get better and healthier.”

Elisheva, in the future, would like to see more people donate to causes to help others like herself with medical conditions. She would like there to be more places like Camp Got2Go so that other children around the world could attend this type of camp.  

As Elisheva says: “if you don’t stand up for what you believe in, nothing will ever get better.”