For a child, true connection creates confidence.

In the world we live in, connections are crucial for building confidence, especially for children. Finding kids her own age to connect with were crucial for Maddy, a resilient twelve-year-old girl with a radiant smile. With your support, Maddy found a safe place and had the opportunity to grow at Easter Seals Camp Horizon, where she can build connections each and every summer.

Maddy was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Senior Loken Syndrome, a condition that results in progressive eye and kidney problems. Due to her condition, from a young age, Maddy’s vision began to decline, challenging her to adapt to using a white cane and reading braille.

At just nine years old, she faced another hurdle – end-stage kidney failure, leading to years of dialysis before a life-saving kidney transplant three years later. Juggling two other toddlers, medical appointments and the surgery, Maddy’s single mother, Jessica, strived to maintain a semblance of normalcy for her family amidst the pandemic.

With all the medical appointments and a compromised immune system, Maddy wasn’t able to attend school regularly. This left her isolated from other kids her own age. Without that important connection, Jessica became concerned for her daughter. How would Maddy navigate the visual world we live in? Would she eventually have the opportunity to make friends?

However, all of her worries went away when she realized Maddy was able to thrive and accomplish anything she set her mind to, and despite all the challenges she faced, Maddy’s resilience always shone through.

When she had the opportunity to attend Easter Seals Camp Horizon, Maddy found a supportive community where she could thrive. For the first time, she connected with other kids facing similar circumstances, experiencing a sense of belonging she hadn’t had before.

Jessica, was relieved to see her daughter flourish, “I feel grateful that Maddy is able to attend a camp that is accommodating to her needs. As medical parents, it’s hard for us to leave our children because were so used to being the caretaker. Camp allows us to take a breather and have time for self-care. We can ‘forget’ about the medical stuff for a few days and it reminds us that our kids are kids too. They need to have real life experiences.”

At Easter Seals Camp Horizon Maddy had the opportunity to create real connections with peers, and she can’t wait to go back this summer. Her story is a testament to the transformative power of connection and community.

Your generosity ensures that children like Maddy can access life-changing experiences and forge meaningful connections. By donating today, you can make a tangible difference in the lives of families facing similar challenges, empowering them to navigate adversity with resilience and hope.

As Jessica says, “It can be difficult to find programming that supports her. It gave us all a break – from each other and the appointments. And the funding makes a big difference.”

We need your donation to ensure there are resources available to inspire potential, build community, and enrich lives. Together, we can create a brighter future for children like Maddy, fostering confidence and connection that will last a lifetime.

Your support is not just a donation; it’s an investment in the well-being and happiness of other children and families across Alberta.

By giving today, you will help other kids like Maddy connect with people just like them, and give them the opportunity to create their own community.

Please give generously to ensure they have the supports they need.