Medicine Hat Mobilizes!

Thank you to the Community Foundation of Southeastern Alberta for generously supporting our Equipment and Support Services Program!

Your $15,000 donation helped six individuals in Medicine Hat; John, Judith, Dean, Sean, Alexis and Lorne receive their adaptive equipment including: power wheelchairs, stair lifts, and mobility scooters. Without the necessary stair lifts, families can face huge struggles getting their family member up and down the stairs. This not only poses a significant risk to the disabled family member, but also to the family member carrying them. Without a power wheelchair or mobility scooter some individuals have a limited ability to leave their houses. Most of these individuals can only walk very short distances or cannot walk at all. With the aid of a power wheelchair, mobility scooter or stair lift, these individuals are able to actively participate in their community, reducing social isolation, allowing them to regain their independence and significantly improving lives. Thank you Community Foundation of Southeastern Alberta!