Growing up – Teen years can be especially isolating for Easter Seals kids, who are often one of very few in their community with a physical disability.

Easter Seals helps by offering fully accessible summer camps where kids with physical disabilities come from across the province for a week of life-changing adventure! Sandeep, a 15-year- old Easter Seals camper says that camp is the only place he’s ever been where so many kids are just like him and nothing is off limits.

“Camp completely changed him,” says Bina, Sandeep’s mom. “He has so much more confidence now!” Before camp, Sandeep was very shy. He surprised himself when he returned to school and was able to deliver a speech in front of his class. He says the campfire presentations at Easter Seals camp gave him the confidence he needed to speak up at school.

Sandeep also used to be nervous about using his walker in public. “I didn’t like being the only one at school who needed one,” says Sandeep. By getting to know kids his age with disabilities at camp, Sandeep realized that he was not alone. “Now, I’m fine with using my walker,” he says. And he does! Sandeep gets around with greater confidence and ability than ever before.