UnstoppABLE Vlog: Episode 1 – The American Sign Language Alphabet

Welcome to the first episode of the UnstoppABLE Vlog! We are so glad you are here! In this episode you will learn all about the American Sign Language (ASL) Alphabet.

At Easter Seals Alberta, we help Albertans with all types of disabilities and medical conditions. While most of our content applies to individuals with physical disabilities, we thought the UnstoopABLE Vlog should be for everyone.

Do you know another language? Or have always wanted to know another language? ASL could be that language for you!

ASL is a complete language just like English. It has its own grammar and linguistic properties just like other languages. ASL, however, is spoken through hand and face movements. It is the language primarily used in North America for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.

Watch the first episode of the UnstoppABLE Vlog below and take the first steps to learning American Sign Language!

We hope you love getting to know more about American Sign Language as much as we did!