Your Money At Work Information

60 – $5000

$5000 Having to attend post-secondary and also working part-time can be the reason an individual with a disability does not go to school. $5,000 can help individuals with physical disabilities ease the financial burden of post-secondary education and help them stay in school.

50 – $2000

$2000 Having limited mobility can greatly inhibit an individual’s ability to live safely at home. For $2,000, an individual can lock, unlock, open and close his front door, making it much safer to be at home, alone.

40 – $1300

$1300 Easter Seals Alberta’s Camp Horizon is a unique camp for individuals with disabilities and medical conditions, making it more expensive to attend than another summer camp. To help make it more affordable, Easter Seals Alberta subsidizes camper fees by 50%. A camper’s parent gave $1,300 to subsidize the cost for two campers to also

30 – $500

$500 Campers at Easter Seals Alberta’s Camp Horizon often have dietary restrictions, but still require nutritious meals to allow them to have the energy to participate at camp. For $500 a generous group provided a week’s worth of healthy dinners to our Camp Got2Go, for kids living with Crohn’s & Colitis.

20 – $250

$250 There is a significantly higher demand for mobility scooters in the spring as the snow melts. For $250 an old, unused mobility scooter was refurbished and given to an individual in Medicine Hat to allow them to access their community with greater ease, reducing their social isolation and depression.

10 – $50

$50 McQueen residents need snacks that are more nutritious. For only $50 a week donors were able to provide this, resulting in higher energy and better focus of our individuals.