Ambassador Stories

Meet Our 2024 Ambassadors!

Meet Our 2024 Ambassadors! For 2024, Easter Seals Alberta has two outsanding people representing us as our ambassadors. These roles involve coming out to events, creating content for our online platforms, and simply representing Easter Seals Alberta.

2022 Ambassador Announcement

Meet Alex Mertens, the 2022 Easter Seals Alberta Ambassador Alex Mertens first heard about Easter Seals Camp Horizon when she was 15 years old. Born with Cerebral Palsy, Alex relies on a wheelchair or walker for mobility.


Sandeep Growing up – Teen years can be especially isolating for Easter Seals kids, who are often one of very few in their community with a physical disability.

Lorinda Bye

Lorinda Bye Lorinda’s story began 7 years ago when she was camping with her sister and friends. They were caught in a wind storm that blew a tree onto their tent. She was 17 years old and instantly became a paraplegic.


Makrina When I commit to do things, I prefer to do things well. Needless to say, I wanted to start life early and get a head start. I surprised my parents by entering the world eight weeks early.


Lorinda I was just 17-years old, camping with my sister and friends, during a large storm when a freak accident occurred and a large tree fell on our tent.