UnstoppABLE Vlog: Episode 2

UnstoppABLE Vlog Episode 2: Deaf Culture Robin is deaf but grew up in a hearing household, so she has a unique take on deaf culture and explains her perspective in this episode of the UnstoppABLE Vlog!

UnstoppABLE Vlog Epidode 1 – ASL Alphabet

UnstoppABLE Vlog: Episode 1 – The American Sign Language Alphabet Welcome to the first episode of the UnstoppABLE Vlog! We are so glad you are here! In this episode you will learn all about the American Sign Language (ASL) Alphabet.

UnstoppABLE Vlog

Welcome to the UnstoppABLE Vlog! At Easter Seals Alberta, we have decided that everyone deserves to have access to information, which is why we have created the UnstoppABLE Vlog!