Meet Our 2024 Ambassadors!

Meet Our 2024 Ambassadors! For 2024, Easter Seals Alberta has two outsanding people representing us as our ambassadors. These roles involve coming out to events, creating content for our online platforms, and simply representing Easter Seals Alberta.

Maddy’s Story

For a child, true connection creates confidence. In the world we live in, connections are crucial for building confidence, especially for children. Finding kids her own age to connect with were crucial for Maddy, a resilient twelve-year-old girl with a radiant smile. With your support, Maddy found a safe place and had the opportunity to

JC Anderson Golf Tournament

JC Anderson Memorial Golf Tournament August 22, 2024. Visit for more information and to register to play!

Hunter’s Story

A New Porch Lift Helps Hunter Start his School Day with Confidence and Independence Hunter is bursting with creativity. He loves singing, telling jokes, reading, and sharing stories during circle time at school. Like most seven-year-olds, Hunter is working hard to get ready to begin Grade Two. But for Hunter, twelve very steep steps stood