Speakers in Schools

Speakers in School program brings people with physical disabilities into Alberta High Schools to share their stories of resilience and well being. Through discussion, teenagers are encouraged to see their own challenges as opportunities for growth. Students come away with a better understanding of the challenges people with disabilities face daily in our province. 

Speakers also discuss the value of staying in school, overcoming adversity and how to interact with people who are disabled. These interesting and stimulating conversations are a fun way for students to learn about themselves and others, and to think more critically about diverse abilities.  

Now in its fifth year, the program remains popular with many Calgary and area high schools. And the talks fit nicely with the CALM class curriculum, touching on many themes explored during the semester.

This speaking opportunity also creates valuable skill-building for our speakers. It allows younger presenters to refine their public speaking skills with the help of more experienced speakers.

Barry Lindemann is the program leader. He's a full-time wheelchair user due to a spinal cord injury.  Barry works in the Calgary community with various non-profits groups serving individuals with disabilities.

Here's what some are saying about the program:

"Awesome presentation! The guy presenting was so cool and I saw how life goes on even when you have to face hard times." - student, Bishop McNally.

"This is really an important presentation for students to hear. It shakes up our understanding of what disability is and means. Very valuable." - teacher, EP Scarlett.

"Thanks so much for coming to speak to us. it was soooo inspiring." - student, Queen Elizabeth

For more information, please contact Barry Lindemann by dl%60hm or phone Easter Seals Alberta at 403-235-5662.

Download 15 Short tips for Interacting better with People with Physical Disabilities, Overcoming Adversity & Why Staying in School Makes Sense (Pdf)


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Did You Know Part 2

In Canada between 2001 and 2006 the number of persons who reported having a disability increased by three-quarters of a million people (+21.2%), reaching 4.4 million in 2006. At the same time, the non-disabled population experienced lesser growth, increasing by 3.3% to reach 26.2 million people.