From the beginning – When Madelene was a year old she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy (CP). Her mother Heather describes feeling “terrified”.

Madelene was born nine weeks premature. She missed some early childhood milestones and was eventually diagnosed with CP.

Heather couldn’t help but imagine the worst case scenario, a helpless child who would never walk. It was a huge comfort to find a community of families facing similar challenges through Easter Seals. Heather has benefited greatly from the information and resources provided by Easter Seals – which only exists thanks to donors like you! Heather learned that Madelene could have a full life and that, thankfully, Easter Seals is here to make the journey a little easier.

Madelene is now five-years-old and, unlike Heather’s fears of an immobile child, “She wants to go, she wants to play,” says Heather. Kids need to get out into the world and develop their confidence but Easter Seals kids often need special equipment to do so. Madelene has recently started school and she is thriving. A great deal of her success is due to her walker. “Madelene’s first three steps [with her walker] were MAGIC,” says Heather, “Our neighbors were crying as they watched her walk by – something they thought they might never see.” At school, the walker helps her keep up because “she doesn’t want to be on the sideline.”

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